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Tourism has become a major industry in Reading. Reading is an alluring territory of the Thames Valley. It is encompassed by various residential communities and towns, for example, Thatcham, Streatley and Pang Bourne a large portion of extraordinary age and magnificence. Travelling will let the visitors learn about the beauty and know about the people of Reading. It is the best means of realizing its traditions and cultures. Travelling can be very revealing as well as enlightening.

For those people who are in Reading Executive Taxis are provided with many options to move around. It depends upon the distance of the place where you want to go. Transports give a reasonably decent system for moving around.

By foot:

If the area to be visited is very near, you need not to take any sort of transport. You can walk around by foot. The central region of Reading is simply travelable on foot. You will be able to visit, the For bury Gardens, both rivers, shopping centers, some lodging house, bars and restaurants without needing any transport.

By bus:

In Reading there are several buses that move on most routes during weekdays. The buses are present on hourly services in the evenings and on weekends. But there is a problem that on some routes where there is very frequent bus service. The bus service is available to major routes only. If you are travelling in a group then it is also possible to buy a group ticket. The buses are available to move within Reading and some adjacent rural areas. Some buses provide online and telephone travel services.

By taxi:

There are two categories of Reading taxis. These are black taxis and private hire cars but only black taxis are strictly acceptable to be known as taxis:

Black cabs you can find black taxis in taxi ranks or hail them from the streets. More probably they are found on the rank outside train stations. They have meters.

Private hire taxis:

The private taxis are not like black taxis, they are just like normal cars. They have no appearance like a taxi. These are private cars with a Reading Borough Council plate.  They are owned by many private companies and you have to book them first before making your travel. You can book them through their telephone numbers. These companies also have the websites. Reservation can be made through the website. You can get the telephone numbers of these taxi companies through the yellow pages. The difference between black cabs and these private hire taxis is that these private hire taxis normally don’t have meters. The fares are not decided according to the meter reading. The fares are usually decided while booking

By car:

Some people prefer travelling by car as compared to other modes of transport. The car is a very relaxing method of travelling. You can confidently move around the city anytime you want. You need not to book your bus or train ticket or hire any taxi. You have your own car available to you every time. You just need to have a map and start your journey by listening to your own favorite music.

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